Kastellorizo ferry timetables 2020

Ferry Timetables | Getting to Kastellorizo with ease & efficiency

Summer 2020 has already started but it’s never too late to browse a few ferry timetables, looking for this year’s vacation spot! Opening up a map, you might want to look to the east, where just 72 nautical miles away from Rhodes is Kastellorizo! 

“How can I get to the island?” you may ask. Fear not, because it’s effortless, easy and overall quite simple to do so, reaching the island either by plane, or ship! It might seem far, but nothing discourages a determined traveler, one who’s equipped with up to date plane and ferry timetables.

Take a look at the current ferry timetables below, updated up to minute, so you can choose which option suits you best and indulge in Kastellorizo’s beauties this summer!


Ferry from Rhodes Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Blue Star Ferries
(duration 3:30hrs)
7:00 AM       8:30 AM    
Dodekanisos Seaways
(duration 2:30hrs)
  3:00 PM 8:30 AM   3:30 PM    
SAOS Ferries
(duration 4:40hrs)
  3:15 PM    3:15 PM       8:00 AM


Ferry from Kastellorizo Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Blue Star Ferries 11:00 AM       12:00 PM    
Dodekanisos Seaways  5:30 PM 3:30 AM   6:00 AM 6:00 PM    
SAOS Ferries     6:00 AM       1:30 PM

 For any inquiries, information on ship timetables or anything else that you might be curious about, we are more than happy to assist you! All you have to do is reach out to us in the following ways:

You can always also call directly Kastellorizo’s port authority at the following phone number: +30 224 604 9010

We hope that we will have the pleasure to see you this summer in Kastellorizo, that either by plane or ship you’ll make your way to the island, to experience first-hand our version of summer vacation! Keep a close eye on the ferry timetables, pack your bags and Visit Kastellorizo!

We hope to see you this summer in Kastellorizo and that no matter how you choose to arrive, our island will pull you to it like a magnet! Of course if you decide to arrive by flight, click here to read all about the ferry timetables, so you can organize your trip easier! In case you want to plan in advance your trip and live the experience make sure you Book your activities and tours, or follow us on Instagram & Facebook so to stay tuned with our news.

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