Kastellorizo flight timetables from Rhodes

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Many will argue that travelling by plane is the easiest and most comfortable way to get to you destination, and who are we to dispute that? That’s why we present to you up to date flight timetables, so you can organize your vacation efficiently and quickly!

Getting to Kastellorizo by plane is quick, painless and quite fun, seeing the island take shape from above! Take a peek at the current flight timetables listed below, to choose which day and time suits you best! Book your flight through Olympic Airlines website.

Plane Timetables from Rhodes to Kastellorizo

Aegean Airlines7 AM09.45 AM7 AM09.45 AM7 AM7 AM

Plane Timetables from Kastellorizo to Rhodes

Aegean Airlines8 AM10.45 AM8 AM10.45 AM8 AM8 AM

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We hope to see you this summer in Kastellorizo and that no matter how you choose to arrive, our island will pull you to it like a magnet! Of course if you decide to arrive by ferry, click here to read all about the ferry timetables, so you can organize your trip easier!And if you are one of those people that love to plan in advance, make sure you Book your activities and tours, or follow us on Instagram & Facebook so to stay tuned with our news.

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