A visionary sanctuary: timeless haven of cherished memories and bonds

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There are certain ideas in life that only great visionaries can bring to fruition. The Admiral’s House is one such idea that, if one were to wonder, could only be imagined by someone with an extraordinary vision back in 1970 when it was created.

The house was conceived from such a vision. It was an idea born into the family of its descendant, who returned to Kastellorizo for the first time and continued to visit the island regularly from that point onward.

This house was designed to bring together family members and close friends, inspiring the creation of cherished memories. It was built to nurture relationships that require the comforting embrace of a welcoming space, while also offering the privacy needed from the rest of the world. Thus, it became a place to redefine bonds from the start, with quality time and a stunning view.

admirals house kastellorizo villa

At the Admiral’s House, the terrace becomes the heart of the home, an outdoor living room, with the sea at its feet. It is an iconic villa with three suites, each with its own bathroom, accommodating up to six people.

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The location of the Admiral’s House explains everything. Just consider that its construction began in 1968 and was completed ten years later. At that time, Kastellorizo was very different from what it is now, still undeveloped, accessible only by an eight-hour journey from Rhodes. It was a remote place, exposed to the elements, with minimal resources, forcing the family to bring craftsmen and materials from Piraeus.

The Admiral’s House, in its current form, was designed by Michael N. Agapitos, an Admiral of the Navy with a particular talent for painting. Michael was the great-grandson of Nicolletos D. Karalis, a shipbuilder and Elder of Kastellorizo educated in Genoa, and Despina, née Petridis.

As the name suggests, this was a family of seafarers. Their maritime history began with Karalis, a renowned shipbuilder in Syros. It continued with his daughter Maria’s husband, Agapitos Agapitos, a Captain and Shipowner. The legacy carried on with their grandson, Michael N. Agapitos, a graduate of the Naval Academy, and reached the 5th generation with the current owner, Konstantina Agapitou-Crowley, daughter of Admiral Michael N. Agapitos.

Today, the house is a jewel by the sea, greeting the sunrise before anything else. A villa of remarkable simplicity and authenticity, offering the greatest luxury of all: the luxury of choice. It allows guests to decide whether to be close to or far from the world and its concerns, immersing them in a quintessentially Kastellorizian way of life.

This house is a symbol in itself. A message of hope in a time when Kastellorizo was desolate, yet the creators deeply believed in the potential for rebirth. Just like the Admiral’s House Kastellorizo.

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The Admiral’s House – Kastellorizo
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