Unique Finds for Unique Souls


Amidst the golden haze of midday at Faros, beneath the radiant sun of Kastellorizo, Dina and her friend Leto Karakostanoglou sat in a dreamy bubble of conversation. They found themselves in an intimate dialogue about the dreamscape of a shop Dina had envisioned. The blueprint of the shop was clear, but its name remained a mystery.

Leto’s fingers were playfully twirling Dina’s curls, while participating in this heavenly brainstorming session. In a moment punctuated by the soft lapping of waves and a gentle summer breeze, an epiphany emerged. “Boukla!” (means “a curl” in greek) Leto said. Certain that amidst the myriad changes life might bring, Dina’s radiant smile and the curls of hair framing it, would remain a constant.

Little did Leto understand at this moment, the deep significance of the name. In Kastellorizo, ‘Boukla’ refers to a finely made buckle. It’s a key part of the traditional costume, adorning the wearer’s chest gracefully. This special piece inspired Maria Olga Vlachou to design the store’s logo.


Boukla isn’t merely a storefront on the main thoroughfare.

It is a hidden gem, nestled in the heart of island life, cocooned within its very essence. To find it requires more than a casual stroll; it demands a seeker’s spirit, an innate curiosity to go deeper, to unearth the tales, the spirit, the heartbeat of the island. It soon became an nest where friendships flourished and memories were crafted. Boukla, in essence, mirrored the close connection of the narrow streets and the souls that roamed them.


Set against the backdrop of a vintage Kastellorizian home, located behind the Municipal Market, Boukla stands with an unassuming charm. Dina will be your guide into this rich tapestry of Kastellorizo, a world she held close to her heart.

Each season, the shop will be reimagined with Dina’s latest finds from gifted Greek designers. These carefully curated pieces, teeming with stories and passion, represent all she cherishes and respects. But the most enchanting allure of Boukla is its promise of singularity. Every jewel here is a solitary piece, ensuring its wearer feel truly unique – a sentiment that echoes the soul of everyone who chose Kastellorizo as their haven.

In the heart of the island, amidst narrow streets, Boukla stands as a testament to the beauty of the past, the vibrancy of the present, and the dreams of the future, beckoning visitors to carry a fragment of Kastellorizo with them.



Boukla Concept Store – Kastellorizo
Opening hours : 10:00 – 14:00 & 19:30 – 23:00

t. +30 697 250 2417