Journey to Kastellorizo: Where Carettas’ Spirit Shines

Life can become monotonous if it remains unchanging. But each of us, with our distinct perspectives, has the power to mold it according to our vision. What does “must” even entail? Ultimately, it’s all about what you desire.

If you desire an authentic taste of diversity and individuality, Caretta rooms are a testament to that spirit. Each of the six rooms showcases a unique blend of color and energy, merging tradition with the conveniences of contemporary living.

If you yearn for a deeper connection with Kastellorizo, then take a moment to listen. Experience the island in its purest form, basking in beauty and serenity.

Should you desire a morning steeped in tranquility, enjoy breakfast in your room, immersing yourself in the breathtaking view. Ready yourself and step out, as if every scene is a frame from your personal movie. Watch as the room illuminates with the day’s first light, your heart filling with beauty and vibrant colors.

If the desire for companionship or exploration strikes, know that you’re merely a minute away from the water and Kordoni’s bustling shops. Open up, connect, and dive into lively conversations.

Later, if it’s quiet reflection you desire, recline with a cup of Greek coffee, engrossed in a book beneath the protective canopy of the yard’s fig tree. Let nature’s serenade of chirping cicadas and hush of silence envelop you, with the occasional breeze serving as a gentle reminder to be present.

When evening falls and you return, if you still have some energy left, take a moment to reflect. Contemplate the day’s experiences, observing the room’s dancing shadows. Express gratitude for the journey that led you here. And as you drift into sleep, recharge, for another day awaits in the embrace of Caretta’s room.

The name, shared by the rooms and a store, is inspired by the waters of Kastellorizos’ main attraction: the Caretta Caretta turtle. For owners Diamantis and Monica, these turtles hold a special place in their hearts, symbolizing freedom and life’s essence. The choice of name became even more poignant when they learned of a turtle’s tragic death in Kastellorizo’s waters. Naming their establishment in its honor became their way of paying tribute to its graceful existence.



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