Journey to Kastellorizo: Where Carettas’ Spirit Shines

Over time, Caretta discovered the perfect spot to settle. It was once the bustling hub where locals came to trade milk, goats, and crops. Today, this place, known as the Municipal Market of Kastellorizo, is once again a lively meeting point, with Caretta at its heart, echoing its rich past.

The name of this shop, and the rooms that share its name, is inspired by the sea turtle, Caretta Caretta—a symbol cherished by Diamantis and Monica. Their admiration for this creature’s freedom and spirit reflects their own zest for life. When they heard of a Caretta Caretta found lifeless in Kastellorizo’s waters, they felt compelled to honor it, naming their venture after this majestic creature.

Diamantis has a keen eye for quality and beauty, evident the moment you enter the market. An air of worldly charm fills the space, showcasing items that tell tales of Kastellorizo’s rich history and multiculturalism.

Gaze upwards, and you’ll find the ceiling and walls decorated with unique home accents. The artistry in the woodwork, colors, and textures is a testament to Diamantis’ refined taste. From simple trinkets to intricate jewelry, every item weaves a narrative, inviting visitors to be a part of Caretta’s story.

Take a journey to this remarkable place. Walk through history, feel the essence of diverse cultures, and immerse yourself in an atmosphere of elegance and charm. The Municipal Market of Kastellorizo, with Caretta at its heart, beckons you to experience a world like no other.



Diamantis Mavrothalassitis
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