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Kastellorizo island
Kastellorizo island

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Take a tour around the island by the inflatable boat Pegasus,
visit the Colones Blue Cave and swim or snorkel in a bay of your choice.

We departure from the main harbor of Kastellorizo.

The captain of the boat will inform you about the areas you are visiting. We will explore all small rocky bays on the round the island, you’ll see sides of the island you would not imagine they exist. Also, did you know about Colones Blue Cave? Right, you didn’t! The most popular one is the Blue Cave, but what if we’d tell you that there is another fascinating cave, ready to be explored?While we are exploring these areas, we will also have a swim or snorkeling in the appropriate bay.

The Round of the Island is a must-do for all visitors of Kastellorizo.


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