Rooted in Kastellorizo, a hotel designed to embody its unique allure!



Xenios Dias may have introduced the concept of protecting guests and hosting travelers, but Poseidon reigned as the lord of the sea.

So, on Kastellorizo, just steps from the sea itself, stands the Poseidon Hotel. Here, the hospitality experience mirrors the island’s essence, imparted by its owners, Stratos and Amalia, who have grown up and loved each other in this place.

It doesn’t take much to create a magical experience. A comfortable sleep, a welcoming atmosphere, attentive service, and the soothing presence of the nearby sea.

The Poseidon Hotel was crafted to host memorable moments, honoring history of Kastellorizo while blending seamlessly with local architecture and the environment. It serves as a catalyst for building connections—with people, the surroundings, and oneself.


Located in Palameria, on the quieter side of the port, it offers picturesque views of the Castle and the sunrisewhich emerges behind it. The hotel provides breakfast, room service, and all the amenities expected of modern accommodation.

Each room, suite, or villa possesses its own distinct character, drawing inspiration from different facets of the island—whether it’s the Rho, the Strongili, the Avlonia, or the Blue Cave. Each space is designed to house unique stories and future memories, reflecting the true spirit of Kastellorizo.

Special Events

For those planning to host larger gatherings or celebrate special occasions like weddings, Poseidon Hotel offers an array of elegant event spaces complemented by customizable catering options and dedicated event planners. The versatile venues can accommodate everything from intimate family reunions to grand wedding receptions, ensuring every moment is special.



Poseidon Hotel Kastellorizo 
Amalia & Stratos Amygdalos

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